Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dolphin friendly ice cream? Fintastic!

Wow, last week was exceptionally busy but really worth it and now here’s a really tasty update!
Eat an ice cream, save a dolphin? Sounds to good to be true? Well, now it’s possible! Caffe Cream of New Brighton is making waves with it’s most recent addition to their delicious ice cream selection! “Aquamarine” looks like swirling waves, tastes subtly like candy floss and marshmallows and best of all for every scoop sold, Caffe Cream will be donating 10p to Sea Watch!

"Aquamarine", Caffe Cream's new 'dolphin friendly' ice cream!

Caffe Cream is located on the New Brighton seafront in the new Marine Point development, just around the corner from one of our regular land watch sites. Although it only opened in January 2012, it has already earned the Wirral’s Fairtrade Champions award and was shortlisted for the Liverpool Tourism Awards in two categories; Taste Liverpool and Sustainable Tourism. It serves a variety of snacks, pastries and (fair-trade) beverages but their main pull is without a doubt their delicious artisan ice cream. All ice-cream sold at Caffe Cream is freshly made on site, which means they can make pretty much any flavour they set their mind to, including their quirky trademark flavour Wasabi Pea and seasonal specials such as ‘Hot Cross Bunny’! Now they have set their special skills to work to raise awareness for our local marine life! Caffe Cream’s manager Justin Dooley, a long time marine wildlife enthusiast, was on board with the idea straight away and  on Tuesday, I got to taste test the new creation for the first time!

Aquamarine, saving dolphins with every scoop!

Aquamarine is not only fair trade, hand made and pretty but it also tastes amazing! It utilises a special type of ‘warm ice cream’ with a soft marshmallowy texture to create the attractive rippling effect and gives this ice cream a unique combination of flavour and texture!
If you want a special treat and a taste of conservation, why not head down to Marine Point and give it a try! And while you’re there, keep your eyes on the water, you never know what you might see!

Caffe Cream, home of award wining ice-cream!

You can find Caffe Creme here:
Marine Point
King Parade
New Brighton
CH45 2PB
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